Once the daffodils pop out of the ground, I know spring is here. Sierra was delighted to have flowers to cut and bring inside. Another sign that spring is arriving is the arrival of baby animals. We have had two baby goats born so far with two more does to kid. We also bought a heifer calf. Tommy Phillips, our county extension agent, belives that she is a longhorn. This makes Tony very happy. She is a pretty thing, Cheyenne named her Strawberry Wine. She had no idea what a a bottle was, so it took a day and a half to teach her to nurse. Cheyenne did a great job with her. We have 6 rabbits due to kindle in a few weeks. This is a wonderful time of year. The greenhouse is full of seedlings waiting for the weather to warm up and stay warm. In just a few weeks those will be set out in the garden.