Mamaw was right!

My great grandmother, Mamaw, always said that if the snowed stayed on the ground for 3 days it would come again. Well, she was right again. We had snow about 2 weeks ago that stayed for more than 3 days. You might say that it wore it’s welcome out! Last night we got about 8 inches. For some of you that may not be much, but in my part of Texas that is a lot of snow! The only livestock that has been troubled by the snow is the guineas. The sat in their tree and raised cane til about 11:00am. They finally quieted down, but they would not come down. Apparently the guineas seem to equate the white blanket with pain and certain death. A couple of the “smart” guineas went in the chicken house last night and have hung out in the warmth of the chickens for the day. Porterhouse, our steer, was only concerned that we were still bringing feed. The two show pigs, Skunk and Betsy Ross, regarded the white fluffy stuff as fun from heaven deposited for their enjoyment. They spent the day tilling a small patch in the pen- I can’t imagine what bugs they may have been finding in the cold. The snow is beautiful and I have enjoyed watching the birds eating from the feeders. With the white background, all the birds stand out. However, I am glad to see temps getting into the 40’s on Saturday.

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