The horses really enjoyed getting out of the paddock today. Cinnamon, our senior equine, gets fed by herself so the other horses don’t eat her special feed. Of course, once she is done eating she makes the rounds through the garden beds and helps herself to carrot tops and lettuce. I would rather her eat the arugula since we don’t care for it- but it appears that she doesn’t either. So, the arugula goes to the hens as fresh greens. Today I found two hoof prints in the raised bed as Cinnamon was reaching for the last of the lettuce. If the rain holds off, putting up the gate to the veggie gardens is first on the list in the morining. Greens are still plentiful in the garden. Spinach, Kale, and lettuce are still growing good. Once the horse is banned from the beds, those items will bounce back. I do love the mild winters here. Our summers, of course, are anything but mild. I built a cold frame today. Hopefully the fresh manure in the bottom will generate enough heat to get the vegtable seedlings started. The box is an old wood box salvaged from a junk pile with an old wood frame window on top. This is a new thing for me, we will see. Now I am looking for the best heat source for my greenhouse. Cold weather is on the way, hopefully the rain will come and go before the freezing temps get here. Time will tell…


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