80th Birthday Bash

Yesterday, we had a party for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. What a great time we had! There were so many faces from my childhood that were there. Grandmother worked for Dallas County Schools for many years. One of here co-workers heard about the party from a friend of a friend- the good old grapevine. He called my mom and asked if all the “gang” could come. Of course my mom said “yes!” So, about 10 of her former coworkers came. It is a testiment to the life my grandmother lives, that people drove for hours to see her. It was so great to see her so happy. My cousin Aaron and his roomate- also known as a “roomdog”- played their guitars and sang for her and the rest of us. His name is Aaron Gravis, you will hear him one day. I pray I am going as strong as grandmother at 80. She worked in the yard with me all week getting ready. That is a love we share- gardening. I am starting a master gardening class this week and she is considering going with me. Amazing- Go grandmother!


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