Peeps, Peeps, Peeps

My sister, Sunny, is a biology teacher at Coppel High School. As part of their study, the classes are learning about genetics. To give the kids a “living” example, Sunny took eggs from our farm to the kids to research the breeds I have and predict what the chicks would look like and which hen laid the egg. She has been giving me updates on the class and how excited they are about the chicks. I am delighted to be able to participate in bringing kids into conact with farm life. What is more- Sunny has a live feed so that we can watch the chicks hatch in 10 days. What a mix, the most modern technology allows us to watch the chicks hatch from 80 miles away, and yet we are watching a most unmodern event. Hens have been hatching eggs since the beginning of time. It strikes me that with all our advancements, there is still so little that we can control. If you would like to watch I have posted a link in the far left widget, Mrs. Rich’s chick watch. I have also posted a picture of Jonathan holding a chick we hatched. One of hers may look like this one.


3 thoughts on “Peeps, Peeps, Peeps

  1. Hatching chicks is so much fun. Our neighbors gave us eggs to hatch a few months ago. We hatched them, watched after them for a few days, and let him have them back.

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