A new calf

Last night we brought home a new heifer. She was orphaned when her mother died. The kids were very excited- any new addition is cause for celebration. Penelope is her given name and she is snuggling down in the barn. While the kids and Tony got the calf settled in, I got dinner ready. I then headed to the barn to check on progress. As I am nearing the barn I see the flashlights shinning out of the loft and the sound of laughter fills the air. Those are the moments that make me so glad to have a farm. The happiness that is shared by the whole family is priceless. I did wonder why they were in the loft. Once I got in the barn I saw all the Christmas bins stacked in the stall. It seems we can no longer resist the urge to pull out the decorations and lights. I love this time of year. To me it is just one long, fun, run of memory making time. That is why the phrase “Happy Holidays” does not bother me. I use it refering to the time from November 1 until January ?- whenever the tree finally comes down and the house is stripped bare. I unabashedly say “Merry Christmas” but also wish you “Happy Holidays”

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